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Gaming Links

gbxemu.com the best gba gbc and gb emulation and roms site gameboy.yo.lv one of oldest gameboy emulation sites

GBA ROM.com Download TOP Gameboy Advance Roms

gameboy-advance.net has compleat information about all gameboy advance game rom backup tools you can buy
gameboy-games.com shop for gameboy muticarts - multiple games in one gba cartridge
nintendo.yo.lv emulation of all big N systems
gbcolor.yo.lv color gameboy games
supernes.yo.lv super nintendo games roms and emu
lvnet.yo.lv directory of emu sites in .lv region
gba.yo.lv gameboy advance
Gameboy Online Emulator free online emlator of gb and gbc
gbxemu-com.lv mirror or gbaxemu.com
jz.lv another mirror
gameboy.lv and more
flash-advance-linker.tk for best prices on the fal go here
flash-advance-linker-xtreme.tk all about flash advance xtreme gbxemu.org gbx emu backup server
myroms.com like it reads - my roms
romster.com napster for roms
romster.net file sharing
snes-roms.net supern nintendo
gbaroms.info gbaroms info
gbaroms.us gbaroms usa
gameboyroms.net flash advance linker xtreme 1g
gbxemu.tk statistics about visitors of gbxemu.com
romster.tk rom file sharing
geocities.com/gba_roms/ high rating from google ;) rated 7/10 ;) but why?
gbxemu.com.tripod.com/ download gba roms
downfire.com/gba/ for google - mirror of GB-A.net

GBA Link Cable Emulator VBALink

Gameboy Multicarts Multi Game Cart

Gameboy Multicarts - Multi Game Carts for Gameboy Advance and NDS. One such GBA Game cartridge can hold up to 250 games: About 5 GBA original and a couple of hundred Nintendo NES Classic titles. (Also for Nintendo DS)

cdr.lv soft to burn PSX cdr
gbx.lv gameboy backups

GBCemu GBC emulator

foon.lv nes emu for gba
officexp.lv office xp page
poke.lv pokemon time!
zelda-oracle-eng.lv zelda
delete.lv end of the net
pocket.lv pocket games
poke.lv poke game
xbox.lv MS x-box
ps2.lv Sony PS2 emu
dreamcast.lv Dreamcast
tool.lv tools for gba
lauris.yo.lv n64.yo.lv

GBA Rom Flash Cards


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