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xg-flash ez-flash ezf advance usbLatest GBA Flash Linker / Card news

EZF Advance USB with RealTime card & XG-Flash USB
Two new flash linkers for USB that work better than the old ones and cost less! Old Flash2Advance Printer Port linker had problems working with GBA SP (do not mistake this for FlashAdvance & Xtreme that is SP compatible) These 2 new linker & flash cards are 100% GBA SP compatible / Fast and have some features that the old linkers didn't have!

More about EZFA and XG-Flash

MP3 3DS Media Player - Nintendo 3DS Rom, Homebrew and Media Player (Video and MP3).
Nintendo DS Roms for R4DS, R4i DSi and R4 3DS Flash Cartridges. Download/Copy nds games.
R4 3DS DSi and NDS Rom Flash Cards / microSDHC Adapters for game backups and media files.

Flash Advance Card and Linker
flash advance linker and card
Flash Advance Linker is a device for Gameboy Advance game rom backup. Flash Advance Linker connects to the printer port or USB port of your PC. When connected, it can Read and Write GBA game ROMs from or to the plugged in game or Flash Cartridge.

Reading out GBA game ROMs
When your original Nintendo GBA game has been plugged in to the Flash Advance Linker, you can use Flash Advance Writer or Little Writer software to read out gba rom data and save it to your local PC harddrive as a ROM file (*.GBA) Flash Advance Linker also lets you read out the savegame to store it in an extra file - you won't loose any game data, e.g. when the battery in your original GBA game gets empty.

gameboy photo cameraMini Photo Camera:

Transform your Gameboy into a digital camera. 8MB built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 26 pictures downloaded to your PC via the included USB cable.

The history of GAMEBOY:

1989: Game Boy
1996: GB Pocket
1998: GB Pocket Light
1998: GB Color
2001: GB Advance
2002: GameBoy Advance
Afterburner Backlit
gb roms gba roms

gbc roms

gba roms

flash advance cardFlash Cards:

FA 64M Card
FA 128M Card
FA 256M Card
Flash Xtreme 512M
Flash 1G Xtreme Card

GBA TV Tuner
gameboy tv tuner adapter
turn your GBA into a small portable TV. Stores 99 TV Channels. Play Video and Audio In/Out jack to connect an external video/audio source - For example to play PSX or SuperNES games


Writing GBA ROMs to Flash Advance Cards256M flash advance card
The best thing about FAL is that it also lets you write Gameboy roms to Flash Advance Cards! Use the provided software to select ROM files from your harddrive, and write them through the printer or USB port connected Flash Advance Linker to the Flash Advance Cartridge. Its just like writing files to ReWritable CD with a CD-Recorder or sendingt MP3 files from PC to MP3 Player. You can even save multiple games into one single flash advanc card! 64M card can hold up to 2 games, 128M - 4 games, 256M - 8 games, 512M - 16 games. Most Gameboy Advance games are 32Mbits or 64Mbits big (4 or 8 Mega Bytes on your PC)

Play ROMs from the internet on Gameboy for FREE!
So you download gba roms Freeware, PD roms or Commercial GBA game roms from internet (just like you would download MP3s) or backup your Nintendo GB cartridges and using Flash Advance Linker upload the roms to Flash Advance Card and play them on your Gameboy for FREE!Learn more


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