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Emulation on GBA

Gameboy Advance has such a powerful processor that it is possible to emulate other older consoles and computers using GBA. This opens up a whole new world of possibilies... There thousands of classic games that now can be played on Gameboy Hardware (or emulator).

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
At the moment the best emulated system on the GBA! Emulators like PocketNES and Famicom Advance can turn your NES roms into gba roms. On Gameboy they work near perfect and even better - you can save at any place you like - link for 2 player game or transfer games from one GBA to another. Other emulators include FamicomAdvance, InfoNES Advance and PogoNES plug-in for PogoShell that lets you write NES roms to Flash Card and play without any modification!
Details & Downloads

Sinclair ZX Spectrum (ZX80)
Currently there are 2 emulators for this system > FooN and ZXAdvance. FooN is the best and only one you can add your roms to! But if you have FooN you don't need any other because it works great! Game saving and button changing is supported and you can play 6000+ ZX roms on GBA!
Details & Downloads


SEGA Master System (SMS)
PocketSMS is the Emulator for SEGA. Still in beta, but you can get many good looking games like Sonic and Mortal Combat to work on GB Advance!
Details & Downloads


Arcade (MAME)
ArcadeAdvance can emulate just a few of the arcade games but I hope eventually we will have access to thousands of available Arcade games
Details & Downloads


Gameboy B&W (GB)
GBonGBA. Lets you play GB roms on Gameboy Advance using Flash Advance Card. This eliminates the need for GB Bridge adapter between FA Card and GBA. Emulation is still very slow and no support for GBC roms so I bought the Bridge to play my Zelda Oracle games ;)
Details & Downloads

Emulators of Space Invaders , Asteroids Emulator , Atari 2600 Emulator and Chip8 Emu For GBA. SNES emulator for GBA should be comming soon!
Details & Downloads


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