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SMS ROMs Emulated on GBA

SEGA Master System (SMS)

pocketSMS is a Sega Master System emulator for the Gameboy Advance, written in 100% ARM assembly language. pocketSMS is written by foolsgold (main coder) and JustBurn (menu, sound & injector)

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compatibility list...

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (fine)
Sonic The Hedgehog (1 serious bug in gameplay logic)
Columns (fine)
Sensible Soccer (fine)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World (fine)
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (fine)
Alex Kidd in High Tech World (1 serious bug in gameplay logic)
Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars (maybe buggy)
Enduro Racer (fine)
Action Figher (fine)
Double Dragon 1 (fine)
Cloud Master (fine)
Hang On (buggy and needs raster sync option)
Out Run Europa (needs raster sync option)
Out Run (needs raster sync option)
My Hero (bad sprite problems)
Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion (buggy?)
Micky Mouse 3 (playable, maybe buggy)
Ninja (playable)
Robocop vs Terminator (fine)
Fantasy Star (playable, lacks cart-ram emulation)
Mortal Kombat (playable)


SMS Emulators for Gameboy Advance will turn *.SMS roms into *.GBA roms.

In the ROM you will have packed emulator and one or more SMS games in a format your game boy can understand. You will be able to pick the game you want to play from a menu. When you have made the rom you can test play it on PC using GB Advance emu for PC or send the newly made roms to Flash Advance Xtreme Card and play it on Gameboy Advance as if it was a GBAgame ;) Nice thing about SEGA 8-bit games is that they are extremely small in size! As a result you can fit ~100 SMS games on one flash card! If you have seen 100in1 cartridges from Asia - that's what they are - some GBAroms + lots of SMSroms...

So step by step:

1. Download some SMS roms from net 2. On PC turn them from SMS2gba 3. Use FA to send games to Flash Card 4. Put the Flash Card in Gameboy and go!

flash advance 256M cardFlash Advance Cards:

FA 64M Card
FA 128M Card
FA 256M Card
Flash 512M Xtreme
Flash 1G Xtreme Card

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afterburnwr baclight for gbaGAME BOY history

1989: Gameboy
1996: Gameboy Pocket
1998: Gameboy Color
2001: Gameboy Advance
2002: Gameboy Advance Afterburner Backlit

flash advance linker xtremeFlash Advance Linker

Connects to the printer port or USB port of your PC. When connected, it can Read and Write GBA game ROMs from or to GB Advance Cartridge.


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