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Other ROMs Emulated on GBA

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is an emulator for the 8080 bw hardware from 1979 and it runs both Space Invaders and Space Invaders Deluxe. It is currently unreleased so no other information is available.

Homepage Download

Asteroids Emulator
Asteroids as the program name suggests a Asteroids emulator for the GBA.

Homepage Download

Atari 2600 Emulator
Another emulator, this one is an Atari VCS 2600 emulator for the new GameBoy Advance.
The emulator is written in pure assembly language, the main emulator core is completely coded in Thumb and runs from ROM. The CPU emulation is a combination static recompiler & interpretive core -- for those pesky VCS games that run parts of their code out of RAM -- and is coded in ARM assembly running from the internal WRAM of the GBA.
Frame rate is a respectable 39fps, and a little more optimisation will get that to a nice 60fps. There is no sound emulation yet, and I've only implemented digital joysticks and not all ROM bank switching schemes are in place so only 2KB, 4KB and some 8KB games actually run.

Homepage Download

Chip8 Emu For GBA

DrChip8 will allow you to play chip8 games on your GBA. “What are chip8 games?” I hear you ask?. Well Chip 8 is not a really a games system, it was instead a virtual machine created in the 1970s and resurrected in the 1990s for use with powerful graphic calculators. Games could be written easily in the Chip 8 language, and then executed on any computer than had a Chip 8 interpreter. gba rom gameboy advance roms gameboy emulator
Chip 8 games are simple but there are many interpretations of classic games, pong, joust, breakout, space invaders and so on. There are also some more modern games such as tetris, and that game everyone has on their Nokia, with the worm chasing its tail.


Centipede Advanced
Centipede Advance is an emulator of the Centipede game. The game is not fully playable as speed is very slow in this release but it is being worked on. Scroll screen with L & R buttons

Homepage N/A Download

Turn other console system roms into *.GBA roms.

In the ROM you will have packed emulator and one or more games in a format your game boy can understand. When you have made the rom you can test play it on PC using GB Advance emu for PC or send the newly made roms to Flash Advance Xtreme Card and play it on Gameboy Advance as if it was a GBAgame ;) This adds thousands of games to already big collection of GBA and GBC games you can play.

So step by step:

1. Download some roms from net 2. On PC turn them to GBAroms 3. Use FA to send games to Flash Card 4. Put the Flash Card in Gameboy and go!


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