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GB ROMs Emulated on GBA

Gameboy (GB)

GB On GBA is a Gameboy Mono emulator for the Gameboy Advance based on the Virtual Gameboy source code. Why is it needed if the GBA is backward compatibile? Because you can use this emulator to play Gameboy Mono games with your flash advance without buying the GB Bridge . Speed is slow at the moment but every release is making good improvement. GB On GBA (GB Mono)

How to use GBonGBA:

One rom only:
Unix: cat gbongba-xx.gba rom.gb >> rom.gba
Dos: copy /b gbongba-xx.gba+rom.gb rom.gba
Multi roms:
Unix: cat gbongba-xx.gba *.gb >> roms.gba
Dos: copy /b gbongba-xx.gba+rom1.gb+rom2.gb+...+romN.gb roms.gba

Then, load it onto your Flash Adavance Card or with your favorite emulator.

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GB Emulator for Gameboy Advance will turn *.GB and *.GBC roms into *.GBA roms.

In the ROM you will have packed emulator and one or more GB games in a format your game boy can understand. You will be able to pick the game you want to play from a menu. When you have made the rom you can test play it on PC using GB Advance emu for PC or send the newly made roms to Flash Advance Xtreme Card and play it on Gameboy Advance as if it was a GBAgame ;)

So step by step:

1. Download some GB roms from net 2. On PC turn them from gb2gba 3. Use FA to send games to Flash Card 4. Put the Flash Card in Gameboy and go!

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